Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lots to catch up on!

December has been an exciting month that flew by! The most exciting time was Christmas with William. He's such a goofy baby who loves to make people laugh! I can't believe he's 18 months old. He has lots of words, knows his tummy, eyes, ears, month, nose, cheeks, belly button, hands, feet, fingers, toes, knees etc. He's learning his colors and can point to a couple of letters! He can climb anything (and he will!), he runs super fast and has more facial expressions than any child I know.

Anyway, for Christmas this year I decided that since William was going to be getting lots of presents from Grandparents that we would mostly buy presents for a 1 year old boy on the JcPenny angel tree. But we did get William one big present-a new kitchen! Because we spend Christmas on Cape Cod, we gave it to William a few weeks early.

The day after finals were over we packed up the car and headed up to Boston. William loved watching Sesame Street on the way up (Thanks again Grandpa Edward!!) We spent a lovely week on the Cape and in Boston before Christmas. We watched the snow, we went to an indoor playground and we went to the aquarium.

William loved the fish at the aquarium but he loved the circular ramp that goes up three flights even more. He ran down the ramp so quickly that he couldn't stop at the bottom!!

On Christmas Eve Eve we bundled up and went to Edaville. Edaville is an old fashioned children's amusement park. During December they put up over 7 million lights, have a three mile train ride to see them and invite Santa to come. It was below freezing when we went and I think William was the only one of us remotely warm in his snow pants, coat and boots so we skipped the rides. Brrr.. But we did take the train ride which William loved. He kept pointing to all the lights and saying "lights!" Then we went to meet Santa. By this time it was getting late and he was pretty tired so I wasn't really surprised when he decided he didn't really want to meet Santa this year. We didn't push it. We'll try again next year.

William spent the next two days playing with his Uncle Pat. He loves playing with Uncle Pat who doesn't mind running all over the house with him! On Christmas Eve we had a lovely dinner and William, thankfully, went right to bed while the rest of us spent hours (HOURS) wrapping presents. It was worth it the next morning though when William saw the presents for the first time! He was so excited and wanted to jump right in. So he did!

He quickly grasped concept of opening presents and was ripping off paper. The first present he opened was a basketball hoop. He was so excited by the picture on the box that we had trouble getting him to concentrate on the rest of the presents! After finishing opening all the presents Uncle Pat put it together for him. William spent the next couple of hours playing basketball!

We then packed up and went to my Grandmother's house. There was lots of good food and plenty of stairs for William to run up and down. Everyone thought William was adorable but Taylor and I were exhausted from chasing him by the end of the day!

Taylor was supposed to fly home the next day but he got snowed in! So we had him for another day which was wonderful. And I think that catches us up to now. William, Delilah (who also had a wonderful Christmas and got lots of treats!) and I are still on the Cape. We are staying until Monday when we'll drive home.

Taylor has all the pictures so I'll post them when I can!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Yes, it is finals season again and that means my already sporadic updates are going to become even more sporadic. We do have new photos of William under the photo album section of the website so please feel free to go browse there. Accompanying stories will come soon.

I don't have time to go sort through photos and pull the best onto the blog today but I do feel the need to document William's development as he nears his 18th month of life.

William is the sweetest, most lovable little guy I hope to ever meet. He may also be the most active! He loves to run, climb, and play ball. He has fantastic coordination and can kick a soccer ball and can use the little hockey stick he inherited from one of the Chesnik boys to knock the ball across the room. He loves to read everything and anything. Ten to twelve times a day he is in my lap with a book, especially "Tickle Monster."

He is becoming very free with his affections and gives kisses and hugs throughout the day. (He used to save kisses and hugs for Delilah, his blankies and his friends but now he's finally branched out to his parents.)

He is developing an active imagination! He loves to "cook" in his own pot and pan while I make dinner and he frequently runs over to give me and Taylor and Delilah a "taste." He colors with crayons and we think he tells us great stories but since half of the story isn't in English it's hard for us to tell.

He says so many words now and his vocabulary grows daily. His favorite words are bus, ball, bubble, Delilah, hot, up, and bye. He is beginning to understand the alphabet and inserts his favorite letter, D in the appropriate place in the song. He can recognize his name and when we spell it out for him he follows the letters.

William loves helping and demonstrates this by vacuuming and moping the floors. He always helps me cook and bake. And of course, he helps with the dishwasher too.

He loves animals and can replicate most of their sounds especially the sheep and the snake. I took him to see horses though and despite my repeating over and over again that horses say "Neigh," he insisted they say, "BAH!" It's pretty funny because Taylor and I have tried to teach him that Dogs say "Arf" but William makes a sound that is a dead ringer for Delilah's "yap." In fact, when he was doing it once a friend asked me why my dog was barking!

William loves his Daddy and will happily tell you. When you ask him, "Who do you love, William?" He responds, "Dadda!" He and Taylor love to go on male bonding excursions to the park and out to lunch on the weekends. (Especially now that I have finals to study for.)

He also loves his trucks and can spend a lot of time collecting them together and playing with them.

Phew, that's it for now! Of course I could go on about William forever but those are some of the little things I don't want to forget as my baby grows up.

Monday, November 1, 2010

So Handsome!

William loves to wear my sunglasses and make faces! He's so handsome!

Te Trea-ing

Happy Belated Halloween! Last night was William's first time Trick or Treating (or as William refers to it Te Trea-ing) Taylor and I bundled William up in his adorable Elmo costume and Taylor took him around the neighborhood. There are TONS of kids in our neighborhood so I stayed home to make sure we didn't miss any trick or treaters.

Taylor said that William was a little bemused by some of the decorations. However, he wasn't shy about taking candy. In fact he sometimes tried for several pieces! He's so cute that everyone was okay with it. In addition to lots of chocolate he scored some goldfish and pretzels so we have some good snacks later this week!

It astonished me how quickly he understood that the point of Halloween was to charm people into giving you candy. When he got home with a full bucket of candy, I put it out of his reach and figured that William wouldn't really understand what was in there. Oh was I wrong! Minutes after we took off his costume he was pointing a the bucket and then at himself. I made the rookie Mom mistake of letting him choose a piece of candy which meant he grabbed a handful. After careful negotiations we settled on a small kit kat to share.

Rookie Mom mistake number 2 was not hiding that bucket when he went to bed last night.

Breakfast this morning was a piece of a peanut butter cup.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Out!

At William's 15 month doctor appointment I asked the doctor for recommendations for discipline. I was under the impression that William was too young for time out and wouldn't understand the concept. After watching William for a couple of minutes, the doctor started laughing. "Oh, he understands everything that's going on," She said, "And he knows exactly how to get around the rules you are setting down! What an adorable handful." Well, yes, he is, thank you.

So now, in the interest of public safety, we have instituted time out on the steps. There are only three things so far that can get William his 30-60 second time out. One is playing with the tv equiptment (no, it won't kill him but it's freaking annoying), two is climbing on top of the kitchen table and trying to swing from the chandelier (that may actually kill him, and also might cause me to have a heart attack) and three is touching the stove (which he knows is "ot" and causes "ouch" so he's pretty good about not doing it).

It's working out pretty well. I think I only gave him time out for climbing on the table 4 times today...

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This past weekend my parents came to visit us! On Monday we went to Annapolis and walked around the Naval Academy. William had a ball! There was lots of room to run around. Since he refuses to hold our hand when walking (Mr. Independent) it was nice that he had a chance to walk around somewhere safe on his own. He also had fun running around their track and trying to keep up with the other runners!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

15 Months

How did my little boy get to be 15 months old?!? He changes every day. William is an adorable, enthusiastic bundle of energy. He weighs 24 lbs 8 ounces (50th %) and is 32 inches long (75th %). He knows the sounds most animals make. He can point to his ears, tummy, toes, head, and everyone's nose to name a few body parts. He loves to make us all laugh with silly expressions. He thinks putting a spoon horizontally in his mouth and then nodding up and down is hilarious. He can say many words but his favorite is still hi. He loves to jump and run. He loves to dance to music. He understands most everything I say to him and can follow several step commands. (Ex. William, go pick up your toy, bring it here and put it in the bucket...) He knows his written name! He loves to drink milk and he has a huge sweet tooth. He prefers to do things himself without my help. He loves Sesames Street and the alphabet. He's sweet, loving, funny, energetic and we are so proud of him!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Memories I don't want to forget...

When we say jump, William bends his knees and then goes up on his toes with a bounce. He's managed to get all the way into the air at least once.

When we are walking down the street, Taylor and I try to encourage William to follow us. Instead, he stops, laughs, and then runs in the other direction. He does not like us to hold his hand.

William loves playing with his trucks. He pushes them around the floor while saying, "Brrooommm, Brrrooommm."

Several times a day William picks up a book and walks over to me. He turns around and backs himself up to my lap so we can read the book together.

When he sees a dog he says "Auh, Auh, Auh" which is William for "arf, arf, arf" and sounds just like Delilah.

William loves to snuggle with Delilah. He puts his head on her back and hugs her.

One of his favorite toys is a wooden spoon.

William loves milk and milk products. He'd drink milk or eat cheese and yogurt all day long if I'd let him.

He likes to push the buttons on his toys which turn the music on so he can do a little dance.

If he thinks he's done something well, he claps for himself and looks at me and Taylor until we clap too.

He thinks nodding yes is funny. It's especially funny if we do it back to him.

William hates to get his diaper changed which has led to some poopy situations.

William: W...I...L...

William has his own chair with his name embroidered on the back. A couple of weeks ago, I showed him his name and spelled it out for him. He thought that was hilarious! Now whenever Taylor and I say, "William. W...I...L..L..I..A..M," he runs over to the chair and points to his name! He's very pleased with himself. Sometimes when I ask him where the "I" is he points to the two Is in his name too. So Smart!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday afternoon our beloved dog, Sampson, passed away. He had mitrial valve heart disease and was unable to breathe without oxygen. Taylor and I were able to be with him when he passed. Even Delilah was able to say good-bye earlier in the day.

Sampson was a wonderful dog and friend. He was dignified, loving and playful. We miss him terribly.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

William's first...

Goose egg?! Sorry for another pictureless post. The pictures of my rapidly growing baby are coming. But, for the sake of preserving all of William's firsts, I need to document his first goose egg. Yes, that is right. Today he fell (jumped? flew?) off the sofa, hit his head on the window sill and got a GIANT bump and bruise on his forehead. He's fine. A few minutes of tears and several more minutes battling me as I tried to apply frozen corn and he was done with the whole incident. In fact, Taylor took him out to lunch at the Firehouse restaurant (complete with real fire engine) and to the fountains to run around so he had a pretty good afternoon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cape Cod

We forgot our camera the past two days, but we are having a great time on Cape Cod! Yesterday it was quite hot so we took William down to the neighborhood beach for a swim. It's the perfect little beach for a toddler. He had a blast in the water and especially loved drinking it. (yum, salt water!) I bought him new swimmies and he loved being able to swim all by himself! We are still working on blowing bubbles, Grandpa Edward! I think he'll get it soon.
Mom and I tried to show him how to make sand castles but he wasn't interested. However, when another little 5 year old girl showed up and started playing the sand, William quickly followed her lead and helped her fill the bucket up! Isn't he supposed to prefer playing with me then the cute, blond girl for at least a couple more years?!?
William is also loving the golf cart. He didn't know quite what to think the first couple of rides, but the third time he tried to drive it himself. I predict that he'll be taking it for a spin on his own by the end of the week.
Today we visited my Aunt Cindy and cousin Kaylee. Just a couple of weeks apart, William and Kaylee played well together! After playing for a while, we decided to check out a new playground that was just William's size. He had a blast running up and down the ramps, going down the slide and climbing up the stairs.
Phew, after reading this no wonder I am tired!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

King's Dominion

Taylor's work gave everyone free tickets to King's Dominion so we drove down yesterday for a day of fun! I admit I was skeptical that William was old enough to enjoy it but I shouldn't have underestimated his independence. He loved it!

There weren't very many rides that he and Taylor and I could go on so he ended up going on a couple by himself. I was a little nervous about this but he had a ball! The last ride though, the airplane, almost put him to sleep!

Here he is on his first ride!

After going on rides we grabbed some lunch. After lunch William fell asleep in his stroller which gave Taylor enough time to ride the Intimidator. William woke up when Taylor returned (thankfully alive-we heard that a lot of people pass out on the ride) and we headed over to the water park. William had fun running through all the spray and rain attractions. Then Taylor took him into the toddler pool which he also loved!

Six hours after we got there we packed up and headed home with a quick pit stop at Cracker Barrel (I've only been there once and wanted to see what the hype is) for dinner. We had a great day!

Friday, July 30, 2010


I promise I do have new pictures of William! In fact, they are already posted under the photo section of the web page. There you can see William at the Children's museum which will be my next post. But, because it's hot and I am lazy, today is pictureless post.

William is growing up so fast! (I say that a lot, don't I?) He's talking...mama, dada, bubble, yeah and many other words in what I think is Swahili. (Bilingual?!?!) Anyway, I recently move around things in the pantry and his squeeze purees of fruit ended up on the second shelf. I put them there because they are an item that if he was able to get on his own, wouldn't spill, shatter, or hurt him if it fell. I didn't anticipate that William would love the new freedom to chose his own snack. But he does! Now when he's hungry he runs to the pantry and chooses a squeezie. Then he brings it over to me to open. I'd put his goldfish (aka Baby Crack) and Smileys down there too but I am afraid the dogs will eat them. (William used to think the dog's eating his food was funny, now it's only funny if he's not trying to eat the food too!) He's becoming so independent!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Monkey

Though I have long called William "monkey", now that he is climbing everywhere the name is even more appropriate. We lost the final safe places-the table and countertops-this week when he learned how to push a footstool to the counter and climb up. Likewise, the dining room chairs and table. Now whenever I turn my back I return to find him on the back of the sofa or the arms of a chair. He particularly likes climbing up to stand on the back of his riding toys!

He also seems to have learned how to take off his diaper. Thankfully, he's only done it a couple of times and each time the diaper was dry. Today I ran upstairs to grab a clean T-shirt for him. When I came back down his diaper was off and he had his blankie over his head. Arms outstretched he was making his way around the room laughing. Even tripping over a few toys didn't deter him! He repeated the game for Taylor later in the evening. I think it's one of the few times I've actually heard Taylor chuckle.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Then and Now

I have lots more exciting summer pictures to post, but I was looking through his first week earlier and I can't believe how big he's gotten!

Here he is only a few days old

And here he is at One Year Old! He just keeps getting cuter!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

William's New York Birthday Party

On Saturday, Susan threw William a wonderful pool party for his birthday! We had a great time seeing the family, swimming in the pool and eating the great food!

Erin brought her bouncy castle. Unfortunately William still doesn't like it.
But he gave it a try!

He loved swimming with everyone though!

All the babies and their Dads!

Kids in the pool!!
Chilling on a float.
Almost blowing bubbles!!

William and Landon in the playpen where they stayed for, oh, about two seconds!
The delicious and adorable dinosaur cake Grandma Susan made!!
And action shots of William eating the cake. He was not impressed with the three rounds of the birthday song, but he did laugh and clap for everyone after every bite of cake!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shore Club!

Last Thursday, (yes, I am really behind in updating the blog!), we took William to visit his cousins Scarlett, Landon and Brielle and Erin and Jess and Great-Aunt Christine at the Shore Club. When we got to the beach, William ran right in the water and we had trouble getting him out to take pictures!

All the kids!

Right before William made a break for it!
He's thinking about running! Look how cute Brielle is! She didn't like the sand on her hands, but both William and Landon loved it!

Back to the water!
After the beach, we had a great lunch and then took William to the toddler pool. He swam around with Brielle for a while before they both needed naps! Then Christine made us a great dinner and William played with Scarlett and Landon some more! Plus, we got to see James and Tommy too!

How cute is this? William is two years younger (but not much smaller!) than Scarlett and he's pushing her!

Griffin's birthday!

On July 5th we celebrated Griffin's Birthday by going out to dinner!! William loved the restaurant and especially loved the pickles!He ate two pickles!

Happy Birthday Uncle Griffin!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

It's William's second 4th of July and he had a blast! We went swimming in Grandma Susan and Grandpa Edward's pool, ate homemade Mango popsicles, played in the water table and had corn on the cob for dinner!

William with crazy hair!

Splashing on the steps!
So cute!
Being in the pool is clap worthy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

William's favorites

Now that William is one we've switched him over to real milk. I thought this was going to be a challenge but it turns out he loves real milk and made the switch easily. We've also been cutting out bottles which has also been a lot easier than I thought it would be! For the past three days he's only needed a bottle during the day twice. He's so grown up and independent!

For my own records, here are some of William's favorite foods:
  • oatmeal pancakes: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 eggs, 1/2 tea. baking powder, vanilla, cinnamon, blended until smooth, cooked as pancakes.
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • yogurt smoothies (frozen berries, yogurt and a little milk.)
  • peanut butter
  • Dr. Praeger's spinach littles, broccoli littles and fish sticks
  • shrimp
  • peas with mint
  • yogurt
  • Thai food
  • cheese
  • turkey breast
  • kiwi
It's a pretty long list because he's not really fussy. He takes after his father and only occasionally really obviously loves something he's eating. Berries, cottage cheese, smoothies and peanut butter are a good example of this. The other foods I know he likes because he eats them before he eats anything else on his plate!

He loves to run around the house chasing the dogs, Taylor, me and anyone else he can convince to play with him. He loves to stand behind me, laughing, while I "look" for him then pop out so I can find him. He loves snuggling with his blankie. He loves to bunch up his blanket, curl up on it and sleep with his bum in the air. He loves the water. He loves to be helpful and to get things for me and close the freezer and dishwasher door for me. He loves to scream while we change his diaper. He loves to get stubborn when we tell him he's not allowed to touch something. He loves to laugh when we throw him over our shoulder. He loves Tickle Monster. He loves books in general. He loves when we clap because he's done something well. He loves watching the older neighborhood kids play.

There is so much he loves and it's fun to watch him discover something new every day!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It's been super hot the past couple of days so after William's baptism brunch, we let him run through the fountains nearby. It's one of his favorite things to do! He loves the water! (Which is why for his birthday we bought him a water table -he's used it every day for the past couple of weeks!-and a baby pool!! )