Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Out!

At William's 15 month doctor appointment I asked the doctor for recommendations for discipline. I was under the impression that William was too young for time out and wouldn't understand the concept. After watching William for a couple of minutes, the doctor started laughing. "Oh, he understands everything that's going on," She said, "And he knows exactly how to get around the rules you are setting down! What an adorable handful." Well, yes, he is, thank you.

So now, in the interest of public safety, we have instituted time out on the steps. There are only three things so far that can get William his 30-60 second time out. One is playing with the tv equiptment (no, it won't kill him but it's freaking annoying), two is climbing on top of the kitchen table and trying to swing from the chandelier (that may actually kill him, and also might cause me to have a heart attack) and three is touching the stove (which he knows is "ot" and causes "ouch" so he's pretty good about not doing it).

It's working out pretty well. I think I only gave him time out for climbing on the table 4 times today...

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