Sunday, August 29, 2010

William's first...

Goose egg?! Sorry for another pictureless post. The pictures of my rapidly growing baby are coming. But, for the sake of preserving all of William's firsts, I need to document his first goose egg. Yes, that is right. Today he fell (jumped? flew?) off the sofa, hit his head on the window sill and got a GIANT bump and bruise on his forehead. He's fine. A few minutes of tears and several more minutes battling me as I tried to apply frozen corn and he was done with the whole incident. In fact, Taylor took him out to lunch at the Firehouse restaurant (complete with real fire engine) and to the fountains to run around so he had a pretty good afternoon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cape Cod

We forgot our camera the past two days, but we are having a great time on Cape Cod! Yesterday it was quite hot so we took William down to the neighborhood beach for a swim. It's the perfect little beach for a toddler. He had a blast in the water and especially loved drinking it. (yum, salt water!) I bought him new swimmies and he loved being able to swim all by himself! We are still working on blowing bubbles, Grandpa Edward! I think he'll get it soon.
Mom and I tried to show him how to make sand castles but he wasn't interested. However, when another little 5 year old girl showed up and started playing the sand, William quickly followed her lead and helped her fill the bucket up! Isn't he supposed to prefer playing with me then the cute, blond girl for at least a couple more years?!?
William is also loving the golf cart. He didn't know quite what to think the first couple of rides, but the third time he tried to drive it himself. I predict that he'll be taking it for a spin on his own by the end of the week.
Today we visited my Aunt Cindy and cousin Kaylee. Just a couple of weeks apart, William and Kaylee played well together! After playing for a while, we decided to check out a new playground that was just William's size. He had a blast running up and down the ramps, going down the slide and climbing up the stairs.
Phew, after reading this no wonder I am tired!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

King's Dominion

Taylor's work gave everyone free tickets to King's Dominion so we drove down yesterday for a day of fun! I admit I was skeptical that William was old enough to enjoy it but I shouldn't have underestimated his independence. He loved it!

There weren't very many rides that he and Taylor and I could go on so he ended up going on a couple by himself. I was a little nervous about this but he had a ball! The last ride though, the airplane, almost put him to sleep!

Here he is on his first ride!

After going on rides we grabbed some lunch. After lunch William fell asleep in his stroller which gave Taylor enough time to ride the Intimidator. William woke up when Taylor returned (thankfully alive-we heard that a lot of people pass out on the ride) and we headed over to the water park. William had fun running through all the spray and rain attractions. Then Taylor took him into the toddler pool which he also loved!

Six hours after we got there we packed up and headed home with a quick pit stop at Cracker Barrel (I've only been there once and wanted to see what the hype is) for dinner. We had a great day!