Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cape Cod

We forgot our camera the past two days, but we are having a great time on Cape Cod! Yesterday it was quite hot so we took William down to the neighborhood beach for a swim. It's the perfect little beach for a toddler. He had a blast in the water and especially loved drinking it. (yum, salt water!) I bought him new swimmies and he loved being able to swim all by himself! We are still working on blowing bubbles, Grandpa Edward! I think he'll get it soon.
Mom and I tried to show him how to make sand castles but he wasn't interested. However, when another little 5 year old girl showed up and started playing the sand, William quickly followed her lead and helped her fill the bucket up! Isn't he supposed to prefer playing with me then the cute, blond girl for at least a couple more years?!?
William is also loving the golf cart. He didn't know quite what to think the first couple of rides, but the third time he tried to drive it himself. I predict that he'll be taking it for a spin on his own by the end of the week.
Today we visited my Aunt Cindy and cousin Kaylee. Just a couple of weeks apart, William and Kaylee played well together! After playing for a while, we decided to check out a new playground that was just William's size. He had a blast running up and down the ramps, going down the slide and climbing up the stairs.
Phew, after reading this no wonder I am tired!


  1. sounds like a great day-lots of fun in the sun!

  2. looking forward to some pictures of you,Taylor and William on the Cape