Sunday, August 1, 2010

King's Dominion

Taylor's work gave everyone free tickets to King's Dominion so we drove down yesterday for a day of fun! I admit I was skeptical that William was old enough to enjoy it but I shouldn't have underestimated his independence. He loved it!

There weren't very many rides that he and Taylor and I could go on so he ended up going on a couple by himself. I was a little nervous about this but he had a ball! The last ride though, the airplane, almost put him to sleep!

Here he is on his first ride!

After going on rides we grabbed some lunch. After lunch William fell asleep in his stroller which gave Taylor enough time to ride the Intimidator. William woke up when Taylor returned (thankfully alive-we heard that a lot of people pass out on the ride) and we headed over to the water park. William had fun running through all the spray and rain attractions. Then Taylor took him into the toddler pool which he also loved!

Six hours after we got there we packed up and headed home with a quick pit stop at Cracker Barrel (I've only been there once and wanted to see what the hype is) for dinner. We had a great day!

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