Friday, July 30, 2010


I promise I do have new pictures of William! In fact, they are already posted under the photo section of the web page. There you can see William at the Children's museum which will be my next post. But, because it's hot and I am lazy, today is pictureless post.

William is growing up so fast! (I say that a lot, don't I?) He's talking...mama, dada, bubble, yeah and many other words in what I think is Swahili. (Bilingual?!?!) Anyway, I recently move around things in the pantry and his squeeze purees of fruit ended up on the second shelf. I put them there because they are an item that if he was able to get on his own, wouldn't spill, shatter, or hurt him if it fell. I didn't anticipate that William would love the new freedom to chose his own snack. But he does! Now when he's hungry he runs to the pantry and chooses a squeezie. Then he brings it over to me to open. I'd put his goldfish (aka Baby Crack) and Smileys down there too but I am afraid the dogs will eat them. (William used to think the dog's eating his food was funny, now it's only funny if he's not trying to eat the food too!) He's becoming so independent!

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