Monday, March 29, 2010


For the past couple of weeks, Taylor and I have discussed how we really need to lower William's crib before he learns how to climb out. He's pretty mobile (as in, never STOPS moving!) and we knew it was only a matter of time before he fell out. The plan was to lower it this weekend.

We were a couple of hours too late! I put William down for his morning nap on Saturday. When he woke up, Taylor was on his way into his room to get him when we heard, Thump. Followed by crying. Taylor found him on the floor next to his bed. Thankfully, William seems fine. We think he somersaulted out and landed on his bottom or back, not his head. He cried for only a minute or two and then was on his way again. (Nothing will slow him down!) There are no bruises and I've kept feeling his head for tenderness but there's none. I am pretty sure I was more traumatized than he was. Needless to say, we lowered his crib - to the lowest setting possible - right away and now William uses the railing to pull himself up and walk in circles around the crib when he should be sleeping. I am sure it's just a matter of time before he learns how to haul himself out of the crib again.

Because William is go, go, go when he's awake he tends to crash when he naps. I am so hoping that soon he'll crash at night too and stay asleep. His nights are getting better, he's only up two or so times a night, but he use to sleep through the night and I know he can do it again! I've been lax about sleep training but I think we better hurry up and do it before he learns how to walk. Which the doctor told me he'll probably do in the next couple of weeks! AHHHH!

Here he is napping with Daddy...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Gratuitous Cuteness...

This darn snack trapper! It trapped my cheerios!

Bucky II

When I was little, Bucky the Wonder Horse was my favorite toy! Made by Fisher Price, Bucky was brightly colored and neighed when you rode him. Sadly, Fisher Price discontinued Bucky in 1986. (We looked it up when I found out I was pregnant!) Mom and I were thrilled to find that they have re-created Bucky in 2010! There are some differences but William doesn't seem to mind. He loves his Bucky II.

He started out only being able to push himself backward but now he can go forward too!

The Park

I love spring in DC! This past week the weather has been fantastic and both Taylor and I have been taking William to the park. He loves the park! It's so funny to watch him laughing on the swings and amazing how quickly he learned how to push himself down the slide on his own! He loves the slide!
I swear in this photo he is saying, "Look Mom! I'm a big boy and can do it on my own!"

The neighborhood kids LOVE William. So much so that Taylor has to rescue him sometimes!

Friday, March 19, 2010

9 months

William turned 9 months old today! I can't believe how quickly this year is going by and how much of a little boy he is now. Today he had his 9 month doctor appointment. He weights 21 lbs 7 oz, and is 29 inches long. This puts him just under 75% for weight and solidly 75% for height.
I love our pediatrician for many reasons (including the fact she always listens to me, offers great advice, is incrediably smart and seems to love her patients) but what I love best is how when she sees William she gets excited about how much he's grown. She told me once that her favorite part of her job is watching the babies grow up! Anyway, she was happy to report that William is a healthy, happy little boy!
This weekend, William has his last sign and sing class and then he meets his Aunt Clarissa! Yay! Sunday we might take him to the zoo. New pictures coming soon.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cousin Kaylee

While we were on the Cape, we were lucky to see Cousin Kaylee. Just 10 days older than Willaim, Kaylee is growing up to be a quite a little lady! William had so much fun with his cousin!

William on the Cape!

Spring Break, Baby! Rather than go south to somewhere warm, William and I headed north to Boston to spend the week with his Grandparents!

Happy Baby, Happy Grandparents!

William and Pat. William thinks Pat is the greatest because he gave William his own computer to play with.

William with his Grandpa Mike!
Did I mention that Patrick got engaged?!?! AHHH. My baby brother is getting married! Look at what great taste he has.
The happy couple, Patrick and Jen!
William with his soon to be Aunt! (Well, sort of soon-can you believe this crazy couple thought they were going to elope by themselves. Hahahahahahaha!)
William also tried pancakes for the first time. I think this is not only the first non-organic food he's ever had, but also the first food with sugar in it. Though the syrup was sugar free. Yes, I caved under parental pressure. But not again. (Though William seemed to enjoy it.)

William playing with the toys Grandma Donna bought him. Thanks Grandma!

Desperate for Pat's cell phone!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Backward and Standing!

I know I've mentioned that William infinitely prefers cruising around to anything on his tummy. I swear, he rolls onto his tummy, decides it's faster to walk and gets upset when he can't move. The past couple of days though he's figured out how to push himself onto his hands and knees so I do think he'll take off in the near future. He's also figured out how to go backward. This is frustrating because he is usually trying to get something that is in front of him!
Today we were at a coffee shop with some friends and William and his pal, Elliot were resting on their tummies on the floor. (I know, I use to think putting William on a public restaurant's floor was gross too, but it was pretty clean and he's only had one cold at 7 months old which the doctor said was fantastic so I am not so concerned.) William scooted himself backwards until he was under the stroller. Then he was stuck! It was kind of funny, though he wasn't so thrilled.
Also today, Taylor and I were playing with William on the floor. As usual he was using us to pull himself to a standing position. All of a sudden he let go and just stood there! He even reached for his blankie and stayed upright! My little baby is growing up. Will I ever get use to this?!?