Tuesday, March 9, 2010

William on the Cape!

Spring Break, Baby! Rather than go south to somewhere warm, William and I headed north to Boston to spend the week with his Grandparents!

Happy Baby, Happy Grandparents!

William and Pat. William thinks Pat is the greatest because he gave William his own computer to play with.

William with his Grandpa Mike!
Did I mention that Patrick got engaged?!?! AHHH. My baby brother is getting married! Look at what great taste he has.
The happy couple, Patrick and Jen!
William with his soon to be Aunt! (Well, sort of soon-can you believe this crazy couple thought they were going to elope by themselves. Hahahahahahaha!)
William also tried pancakes for the first time. I think this is not only the first non-organic food he's ever had, but also the first food with sugar in it. Though the syrup was sugar free. Yes, I caved under parental pressure. But not again. (Though William seemed to enjoy it.)

William playing with the toys Grandma Donna bought him. Thanks Grandma!

Desperate for Pat's cell phone!

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