Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Backward and Standing!

I know I've mentioned that William infinitely prefers cruising around to anything on his tummy. I swear, he rolls onto his tummy, decides it's faster to walk and gets upset when he can't move. The past couple of days though he's figured out how to push himself onto his hands and knees so I do think he'll take off in the near future. He's also figured out how to go backward. This is frustrating because he is usually trying to get something that is in front of him!
Today we were at a coffee shop with some friends and William and his pal, Elliot were resting on their tummies on the floor. (I know, I use to think putting William on a public restaurant's floor was gross too, but it was pretty clean and he's only had one cold at 7 months old which the doctor said was fantastic so I am not so concerned.) William scooted himself backwards until he was under the stroller. Then he was stuck! It was kind of funny, though he wasn't so thrilled.
Also today, Taylor and I were playing with William on the floor. As usual he was using us to pull himself to a standing position. All of a sudden he let go and just stood there! He even reached for his blankie and stayed upright! My little baby is growing up. Will I ever get use to this?!?

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