Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Another William update that didn't end up in the long post below! William got his first two teeth after three painful weeks of teething! His first bottom tooth came through on his six month birthday, December 19th and the second one broke through on Christmas!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hmm, already forgot something!

Not content with the long post below, I meant to also mention that at his six month appointment (really? Where did the time go?) William was declared a healthy happy baby solidly still in the 75% for height and weight. He's 27 inches and 19.2 lbs! The doctor said she loved seeing such a healthy baby! While watching him kick and kick and kick on the table she warned me to watch out! She thinks he'll be running around soon!

Thanksgiving to Christmas in one long post!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've really updated the blog! William is growing by leaps and bounds. Everyday he amazes me by learning something new. He's standing up really well now and loves walking around the room holding on to our hands. He sits up and plays all by himself. He's almost ready to crawl (though I still think he'll walk unassisted first because he really doesn't like his stomach) but he now rocks back and forth on his stomach just trying to move forward!

Over Thanksgiving we went to New York for Thanksgiving with the Chesnik side of the family. William had a great time playing with his Grandpa and Grandma. He also loved seeing his Gigi and second cousins, Scarlett, Brielle and Landon!

William with his Uncles Morgan and Griffin!

William loves his Grandma Susan!

William had fun playing with Grandpa Edward!

We brought William to his first Islander's game! He loved it. When we first walked in he was wide eyed at all the noise but then he jumped and jumped on my lap through the whole game. He loved watching all the people and lights around the rink.

After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (Thanks Susan!) we took William to see Santa. William was concerned that this was a fake Santa so he decided to pull his beard. It's real!

Our Family!

When we got back from New York, I had to study study study for finals. In fact for a couple of weeks that's all I did. Right after finishing my last final we packed up again and drove up to Boston for Christmas! We just beat the snowstorm which was nice but it did cancel the brunch for William to meet more of his relatives. We did get to introduce William to my cousin, Alana and her husband Eric. (How did I not get any pictures of them together?!?). We also drove up so William could meet his Great Great Aunt Peg! Finally, that night he got to meet cousins John and Nancy. (Again, where was I with the camera?!?)


Then we went down to the Cape for the rest of the week and Christmas. William showed off his Christmas pajamas.

He had a great time opening presents from Santa! He loved his stocking and all the presents inside.

After opening presents we drove to my Grandmother Helen's house. William was so excited to see his Great Grandma again! There he opened more presents!

Modeling his new hat!

Reading a new book with Grandpa Mike!

This whole week as so exciting, William was pretty tired and ready to nap every afternoon. I'll spare you all the story of The Massive Poop but if anyone is interested Taylor and my Dad will be happy to replay it for you.

We drove back to DC after a great Christmas (Thanks Mom, Dad and Pat!) and William opened more presents from his Grandma Susan and Grandpa Edward. What a lucky baby he is!

Phew, that is the month in short. In other news, I did pretty well on my finals! We leave for St. Thomas on Sunday and school starts again the day after we get back. We are really looking forward to another wonderful year!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sooner or later...

Ha! I knew that sooner or later Taylor and I would have to start watching William to make sure that he didn't eat anything dog related. Didn't realize it would be so soon! Today while Taylor's back was turned he grabbed a raw hide bone from Delilah and started chomping. Gross! Though it did seem to make him happy.... Oh well!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Posts soon

It's been a few weeks since I've last posted about William. Between traveling, teething and finals it's a hectic (but fun!) time. I promise as soon as December 16th rolls around and I am not so busy, I will update the blog with new pictures and stories! Until then, happy holidays!