Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wubby and Random Cuteness

This week we started William on a new bedtime routine with the goal of teaching him how to sleep through the night. Don't worry-we aren't optimistic. At least this new routine will teach him to expect bedtime and later on hopefully help us when we put him to bed. Honestly he's not a bad sleeper now. As long as he's swaddled he'll just eat and go back to sleep. He really only wakes up once or twice a night anyway. But the new routine is bath around 9ish, bottle with Dad, a bedtime story and bed. Last night he was in bed by 10:30pm and slept until 3:15. He got up, ate and went back to sleep until 7!

One of William's new favorite things is his Wubanub, nicknamed Wubby. A Wubanub is a small stuffed animal attached to a Soothie Pacifier. It's meant to be easier for a baby to put back in his mouth, but William isn't quite there yet. However, he does love to snuggle with it. So adorable.

Today William and I met some friends from my Pregnancy Group. Amazingly all 10 of us had boys between February and July. Crazy! We are making this Tuesday coffee a weekly event. Not much else going on right now. Stay tuned for video of William coming soon!

Photos below of William being cute on his play mat!

Here he is contemplating the toys.

Despite my best attempts this is the closest I've come to getting a picture of William's smile.

Friday, July 24, 2009

One Month Checkup

The new pictures aren't updated yet but they will be soon. In the meantime, William and I are having a great week! His Grandma Susan and Grandpa Edward are in town and he is having fun hanging out with them.

Yesterday William had his one month check up. My little porker is now 10 lbs 12 oz!!! He's 22.5 inches long!!! My goodness he is growing quickly. He's jumped from being in the 50th percentile for his height and weight to being in the 75th. The Pediatrician says he's very proportionate though because he's grown and gained weight. After going over his weight and height she then asked me how nursing is going. Ummm, clearly it's going pretty well!!!

After his checkup we went over to my office to sign some papers and say hello to my colleagues. Of course, this is the one time my normally quiet, happy baby decided to scream at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. Oh well, it was agreed that he's adorable anyway. Of course.

Today we cleaned the house! Yay! Then in the afternoon we walked down the library. William slept the whole time which was great. Tomorrow we have to run up to Baltimore and then we can spend the afternoon with the Grandparents!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My baby is ONE MONTH OLD!

As all you devoted followers of William's development have probably noticed I am a little behind in updating the blog! I apologize and will try to keep on top of it better in the future. At any rate, there has been a lot going on.

Last week (week 3 of William's life if you are counting) William and I decided we had to get out of the house! First we went to cheer on Daddy at his hockey game. Given that it's so hot here (82 plus degrees every day) this was William's first time wearing pants and a hoodie. They were a trifle big but he was so cute!

After the game William wanted a picture with his Daddy in his hockey gear. Taylor was a little sweaty but William didn't mind!

On Wednesday, we met friends Andie and her son Miles for lunch in Arlington. Miles is 5 and a half months. It was so cute to see them together and to watch Miles learn to sit up on his own. It's amazing how quickly babies change and grow! I completely forgot my camera but I promise next time we'll have pictures.

After our lunch with Andie and Miles, William and I ran some errands and then went to the salon so Mommy could get her hair returned to it's natural blond state.

When Taylor got home from work on Thursday we drove to New York to surprise the Chesnik family for the weekend! It was cousin Scarlett's 2nd Birthday and William wanted to be there to celebrate with her. We had a great time on Long Island and in Southampton with the family! It was a great weekend however Taylor and I were horrible about taking pictures! This is a public plea to Erin to email us pictures of William and Sabina and William with Stacia and Emily and William with...well everyone please!

After meeting everyone William needed a quick nap by the pool.

Here is William with Jess and the soon to arrive Brielle, and the birthday girl Scarlett!

Here is William with Erin! (And the as of yet unnamed new arrival who will not be known as Diego!) Shortly after this picture was taken, Scarlett demanded that Erin return William to me!

It was a long and exciting day and William was happy to cuddle with Daddy that night!

I can't believe that my baby is one month old! He's changed so much in just a short time. He's bigger now and much more alert. He spends more time awake and staring at things. Here he is in the bouncy chair Grandma Susan bought him to use at her house. He loved the monkey!

He has definite preferences. He loves to sleep on his side or stomach but does not like to play on his stomach. He loves to take a bath. He does not like laying on his back when no one is playing with him but he loves to lay on his back under the play mat (thanks Erin and Maureen! Pictures are coming!) He likes to look at himself in the mirror and sit in the swing. While it's so much fun learning more about his personality I can't help being just a little sad that he's growing so fast. But I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Friday, July 10, 2009

William Three Weeks Old!

William is three weeks old today! We celebrated by meeting Taylor for lunch in Shirlington. As usual William slept the whole time while Mom and Dad enjoyed Mexican food. No big weekend plans. But next week William has his first playdate with Miles! We can't wait!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Week Check Up

William had his two week check up today! He's 9 lbs. I thought that was a huge weight gain but the pediatrician said it puts him in the 50th percentile for size so he's normal. We are still waiting on the results from his 24 hour EKG but hopefully they'll have them for me when I call tomorrow.

William also had his first real bath today! We don't have pictures of this event because Taylor took him into the tub with him. (This is a G-rated site so no naked pictures of Taylor). William loved the bath! He was so calm, alert and happy in the water. Then he peed everywhere but that was to be expected. We are looking forward to taking him swimming this summer and seeing how he does in a pool and ocean.

New pictures are coming soon, I promise. Taylor went back to work yesterday and has spent the evenings playing with William so hasn't had a chance to upload them. But he'll get to them soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 16

I feel like William changes daily. He's now over two weeks old and filling out in his face and limbs. When you hold him so he's standing there is actual resistance in his legs now. Just a few days ago his legs were like spaghetti. Now he's getting muscles! He still flails his arms around which upsets him but he also holds on to things much more than he use to.

It's fascinating getting to know him. For example: he loves to ride in the car and will fall asleep immediately (Takes after his Mom!) but he doesn't like the vibration of the boppy chair. He does like it if you sit there and bounce it manually though. I think when he's big enough to make it bounce on his own he'll have a blast. He loves the swing. We took video of him in the swing which Taylor will post soon.

He has so many facial expressions. There is the raised eyebrow look, and the angry baby look, and the "I am not happy but not yet yelling but will be very shortly so finish changing my diaper" look (which he usually gives me right before peeing everywhere). Then there is one that is an exact replica of Taylor's "the Mets just did something stupid" look! It cracks me up to see them both with the same expression.

By the way, why does he save peeing everywhere for me?!? He never does that for Taylor! He has also started a trend of pooping loudly. I wait ten to fifteen minutes before changing his diaper to make sure he's done. Just when I think it's safe he'll poop all over the changing table. We've been doing a lot of laundry! He looks pretty satisfied with himself when he's done which is pretty funny. I just wish he'd stop doing this at 4am when I am exhausted.

On Friday, at 14 days old, he lost his umbilical cord. It almost made me cry because he's getting so big! His little belly button is still a little gooey but we are looking forward to giving him a real bath when it dries out in the next few days! We'll hopefully be able to take a video of the first real bath.