Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 16

I feel like William changes daily. He's now over two weeks old and filling out in his face and limbs. When you hold him so he's standing there is actual resistance in his legs now. Just a few days ago his legs were like spaghetti. Now he's getting muscles! He still flails his arms around which upsets him but he also holds on to things much more than he use to.

It's fascinating getting to know him. For example: he loves to ride in the car and will fall asleep immediately (Takes after his Mom!) but he doesn't like the vibration of the boppy chair. He does like it if you sit there and bounce it manually though. I think when he's big enough to make it bounce on his own he'll have a blast. He loves the swing. We took video of him in the swing which Taylor will post soon.

He has so many facial expressions. There is the raised eyebrow look, and the angry baby look, and the "I am not happy but not yet yelling but will be very shortly so finish changing my diaper" look (which he usually gives me right before peeing everywhere). Then there is one that is an exact replica of Taylor's "the Mets just did something stupid" look! It cracks me up to see them both with the same expression.

By the way, why does he save peeing everywhere for me?!? He never does that for Taylor! He has also started a trend of pooping loudly. I wait ten to fifteen minutes before changing his diaper to make sure he's done. Just when I think it's safe he'll poop all over the changing table. We've been doing a lot of laundry! He looks pretty satisfied with himself when he's done which is pretty funny. I just wish he'd stop doing this at 4am when I am exhausted.

On Friday, at 14 days old, he lost his umbilical cord. It almost made me cry because he's getting so big! His little belly button is still a little gooey but we are looking forward to giving him a real bath when it dries out in the next few days! We'll hopefully be able to take a video of the first real bath.

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