Monday, November 1, 2010

Te Trea-ing

Happy Belated Halloween! Last night was William's first time Trick or Treating (or as William refers to it Te Trea-ing) Taylor and I bundled William up in his adorable Elmo costume and Taylor took him around the neighborhood. There are TONS of kids in our neighborhood so I stayed home to make sure we didn't miss any trick or treaters.

Taylor said that William was a little bemused by some of the decorations. However, he wasn't shy about taking candy. In fact he sometimes tried for several pieces! He's so cute that everyone was okay with it. In addition to lots of chocolate he scored some goldfish and pretzels so we have some good snacks later this week!

It astonished me how quickly he understood that the point of Halloween was to charm people into giving you candy. When he got home with a full bucket of candy, I put it out of his reach and figured that William wouldn't really understand what was in there. Oh was I wrong! Minutes after we took off his costume he was pointing a the bucket and then at himself. I made the rookie Mom mistake of letting him choose a piece of candy which meant he grabbed a handful. After careful negotiations we settled on a small kit kat to share.

Rookie Mom mistake number 2 was not hiding that bucket when he went to bed last night.

Breakfast this morning was a piece of a peanut butter cup.

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