Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Memories I don't want to forget...

When we say jump, William bends his knees and then goes up on his toes with a bounce. He's managed to get all the way into the air at least once.

When we are walking down the street, Taylor and I try to encourage William to follow us. Instead, he stops, laughs, and then runs in the other direction. He does not like us to hold his hand.

William loves playing with his trucks. He pushes them around the floor while saying, "Brrooommm, Brrrooommm."

Several times a day William picks up a book and walks over to me. He turns around and backs himself up to my lap so we can read the book together.

When he sees a dog he says "Auh, Auh, Auh" which is William for "arf, arf, arf" and sounds just like Delilah.

William loves to snuggle with Delilah. He puts his head on her back and hugs her.

One of his favorite toys is a wooden spoon.

William loves milk and milk products. He'd drink milk or eat cheese and yogurt all day long if I'd let him.

He likes to push the buttons on his toys which turn the music on so he can do a little dance.

If he thinks he's done something well, he claps for himself and looks at me and Taylor until we clap too.

He thinks nodding yes is funny. It's especially funny if we do it back to him.

William hates to get his diaper changed which has led to some poopy situations.

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