Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's that time of year again...

Yes, it is finals season again and that means my already sporadic updates are going to become even more sporadic. We do have new photos of William under the photo album section of the website so please feel free to go browse there. Accompanying stories will come soon.

I don't have time to go sort through photos and pull the best onto the blog today but I do feel the need to document William's development as he nears his 18th month of life.

William is the sweetest, most lovable little guy I hope to ever meet. He may also be the most active! He loves to run, climb, and play ball. He has fantastic coordination and can kick a soccer ball and can use the little hockey stick he inherited from one of the Chesnik boys to knock the ball across the room. He loves to read everything and anything. Ten to twelve times a day he is in my lap with a book, especially "Tickle Monster."

He is becoming very free with his affections and gives kisses and hugs throughout the day. (He used to save kisses and hugs for Delilah, his blankies and his friends but now he's finally branched out to his parents.)

He is developing an active imagination! He loves to "cook" in his own pot and pan while I make dinner and he frequently runs over to give me and Taylor and Delilah a "taste." He colors with crayons and we think he tells us great stories but since half of the story isn't in English it's hard for us to tell.

He says so many words now and his vocabulary grows daily. His favorite words are bus, ball, bubble, Delilah, hot, up, and bye. He is beginning to understand the alphabet and inserts his favorite letter, D in the appropriate place in the song. He can recognize his name and when we spell it out for him he follows the letters.

William loves helping and demonstrates this by vacuuming and moping the floors. He always helps me cook and bake. And of course, he helps with the dishwasher too.

He loves animals and can replicate most of their sounds especially the sheep and the snake. I took him to see horses though and despite my repeating over and over again that horses say "Neigh," he insisted they say, "BAH!" It's pretty funny because Taylor and I have tried to teach him that Dogs say "Arf" but William makes a sound that is a dead ringer for Delilah's "yap." In fact, when he was doing it once a friend asked me why my dog was barking!

William loves his Daddy and will happily tell you. When you ask him, "Who do you love, William?" He responds, "Dadda!" He and Taylor love to go on male bonding excursions to the park and out to lunch on the weekends. (Especially now that I have finals to study for.)

He also loves his trucks and can spend a lot of time collecting them together and playing with them.

Phew, that's it for now! Of course I could go on about William forever but those are some of the little things I don't want to forget as my baby grows up.

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