Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am going to try to update this more often because I am not doing a great job keeping track of Ania's milestones! She is 4.5 months already. At her three month appointment she weighed in at at 15 lbs 7 oz and 24 1/4 inches long. Not bad for a baby who was 2 weeks early, 6lbs 9oz and only 18 inches long. I think she's surpassed her brother in size when he was this age. You should see her thighs. Someday she'll kill me for saying this but they are huge!! Some of her 6month clothes won't fit over them. (Though some of that is also due to the fact we are cloth diapering her.)

Ania is a great kid. She's very happy to do whatever her big brother wants during the day and as a result spends a lot of time at the playground. She'll happily fit in a nap whenever she can! By 5pm she's a bit cranky (sorry, Daddy!) but for most of the day she's a happy little girl. She loves her jumperoo and can spend an hour just jumping around. Just like William at this age, she is spitting up a storm and is quite the little talker/screamer. Happy screams though. She's reaching and playing with toys, grabbing her toes, chewing on and wringing her hands. She laughs when you tickle her and smiles all the time.She's also doing great at sleeping. I am truly lucky that my kids have generally been good sleepers!

William is also doing well. He's just over 3.5 years old and is still a bundle of energy. He loves his school, Christian Family Montessori, and his friends. It amazes me to see what he learns all the time. Last week, Taylor and William read a chapter each night in a book about the solar system and William now spouts off knowledge about the planets. He loves to swim, play sports, go to the playground and "wrestle" (really tackle his friends to the ground). He's stubborn as hell, but he's also incredibly sweet. We are really lucky that he loves being a big brother and we haven't had any jealousy issues with him and Ania. I am sure once she tries to take his toys we might have an issue, but right now William is so gentle and loving with her. He asks me to have five more babies every day. (Not going to happen! That would be 7 kids!) He always wants to hold her. William's teachers think it's hilarious that he only refers to Ania as baby Ania. They also think it's funny that he calls Taylor, Taylor about half the time. At least he still refers to me as Mom, Mom-Mom, or Mommy.

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