Monday, February 18, 2013

Sitting Up

We had a great long weekend! It's always great when Taylor is home three days. Though I think he's looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. It's more relaxing than being at home! Saturday we went out for brunch and to run errands. We ended up at Barnes and Noble and I managed to leave with only three new books for William. It was tough, though. Books are my biggest weakness.

We've been lax with William's bedtime for a while. He begs us each night to sleep with him and every night we give in. (Or rather, Taylor does because he is in charge of bedtime.) With two kids, I decided that had to stop so we've resorted to the only method that worked for potty training-bribery. William earned two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for going to bed on his own last night. It was pretty cute because he would only let me leave if I let him read in his bed as he feel asleep. I remember staying up super late reading in bed as a kid. I had all sorts of ways to trying to hide this from my parents, including blocking the crack under my door so they couldn't see that my light was still on!! Anyway, it's fun to see William enjoy reading so much.

Sunday we decided that the mountain of clean laundry actually needed to be put away and the upstairs needed to be cleaned. Since it takes three times as long to do anything with all the help we get from William, Taylor decided to take BOTH kids to the Air and Space Museum in Dulles. For the past couple of weeks he's been reading William a National Geographic book about Space. They read a chapter a night so William was pretty excited to go see a space ship. They all had a great time. William came back and told me all about the silver airplane that dropped a bomb on Japan and took out a whole city and ended the war. (I guess this qualifies as a history lesson but he seemed a little too excited about it.) I managed to make a big dent in the mess that is our upstairs. All together a good day.

Monday we took the kids to the local roller rink. Every Monday morning they have a tot morning and allow the kids to bring scooters and bikes. A couple of kids from William's school went too and they had a blast scootering around the place. Each holiday Monday has a different theme and this week was pj day with a puppet show. After two hours of scootering, we headed out to lunch with some friends, errands and a hair cut for William.  As Taylor tucked William in, I played downstairs with Ania. My baby girl has been sitting up for 30 seconds at a time for a week or so, but tonight she sat up and played with toys for several minutes! She even caught herself as she started to tip over. She's almost five months and getting so big.

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