Sunday, February 24, 2013

CFMS Charity Auction

Last night Taylor and I ditched the kids and went to William's school's charity silent auction. While we didn't win anything, we did have a good time. We had a chance to talk to William's teacher too which was nice. For me there is always a moment of awkwardness approaching her. Other than Taylor and I, she spends the most time with William but we aren't friends. I don't hang out with her, I don't know a lot about her life etc. So really we only have William in common and I never know what to say to her exactly. Obviously I want to hear about William in school but I also want to be polite and not bombard her with questions about my son. Anyway, the awkwardness wore off pretty quickly. We had a great conversation (about William) and I learned that he's doing  advanced work in math. We already knew that he could count beyond 100. (Though he forgets 13, 14, and 15 EVERY TIME he counts, but he remembers 113, 114, and 115. Weird, right?) Apparently she has introduced William to some of the older kid's math lessons at the school. That was nice to hear. He also hasn't broken anything in a quite a while! Also good to hear. Montessori does things a little bit differently than other schools. At William's age they focus on lessons that teach children how to focus and complete assignments so that when they are four and five they pick up reading and math quickly because they have learned how to learn. This means that William also spends a lot of time in the school cleaning the school. He washes and hangs towels, cleans the tables etc. Each chore has a specific way it's supposed to be done. We haven't been in his classroom since the fall so we are looking forward to Night School next week where we will get a chance to see what he's been working on!

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