Tuesday, June 30, 2009

William with Grandparents

The Monday after William was born, my parents came down to help out. Thank goodness they were here! We really needed the help especially when we thought he had a serious heart problem and needed to monitor him all night long. Grandpa Mike and Grandma Donna absolutely love William! They are so great with him.

Sadly they left on Saturday but happily, Grandma Susan came to help out! William is being spoiled by being held by his Grandparents all the time! (But we don't mind. A happy baby is a quiet baby) Check out the pictures of William with his Grandparents.

My cousins, Joane, Erin, Logan and Dave also stopped by to see William! Here we all are.

And finally, here is a decent picture of me and William (seriously, I meant to get my hair done before he was born but ran out of time. Sigh. A lesson if we have more kids) And a picture of our little family!!!

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