Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Five Days

Whew, William is Five Days Old! It's been a crazy, wonderful, sleep deprived few days. William came home from the hospital with Taylor and me on Sunday. Finally we were on our own! Eek! But things went pretty well and Taylor has been wonderful about making sure I get enough sleep.

On Tuesday we went to the pediatrician. Things were going well until she listened to William's heart. She thought that the heart beat was a little low and made arrangements for us to take William to see a cardiologist that afternoon at Children's Hospital. At the hospital, William was hooked up to an EKG. Good news was that his heart beat is fine. The doctor told us though that William had a pretty severe heart problem. He made an appointment for us to get a full cardiovascular test for William the next day. And then in a fit of complete tactlessness, he told me to get some sleep and for Taylor to stay awake and make sure that William didn't die. Needless to say that was a bit alarming. I spent most of the rest of the day crying and we all took turns staying awake with William that night.

Today we took William back to the cardiologist (a new one who had an actual bedside manner) and they ran another EKG and did an ECHO test (an ultrasound). Turns out William is fine. There is nothing wrong with his heart at all. To make sure though they did hook him up to a mini, portable EKG machine for 24 hours. The doctors just want to make 100% sure that nothing is wrong. But they feel confident that he is absolutely perfect.

Lots of drama that wasn't really needed! We are hoping for quieter days ahead. But at least we know our way around Children's Hospital now.

William has been amazing through all of this. He has been so well behaved during the doctor appointments and at home. We took him for his first trip to Legal Seafood to celebrate yesterday afternoon and he slept in his stroller the whole time! We'll post pictures soon.

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