Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Week Old!

I can't believe my baby is now 9 days old. Where has the time gone? He's such a great kid. He's very content to eat, sleep and eat again! (He's already gained back the post-delivery weight loss and is almost at his birth weight again.) We gave him his first bath last night. We wanted to take video but I needed Taylor's help holding him. He's slippery when wet!

Several people have emailed me asking for more pictures so I did want to mention that there are TONS of photos of William under the Photo Album link at the top of this page.

My parents left yesterday. They were a huge help and William loved spending time with them. Taylor's Mom is here to help now. We are so lucky to have so much help these first few weeks and William is loving getting to know his Grandparents!

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