Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning started off so well but then went downhill quickly. I didn't notice that there was a glass sitting on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to clean it up a bit. William was running from room to room. Suddenly I heard him cry out from the family room and I rushed in to see what happened. My poor baby apparently pulled the glass off the table and in the process it broke. A small piece of glass cut him near his eyebrow and he was bleeding like crazy!
I grabbed a paper towel to try to stop the bleeding and called Taylor so we could take him to the ER. I couldn't tell how deep the cut was because it was bleeding so much and, even though I had pulled out a piece of glass, I couldn't see if there was any more. As it was only 7:45 am, the ER ended up being the best option. Plus, it's 2 minutes away from us. So I finally got the bleeding to slow down and slapped a Toy Story band-aid on to go to the ER. Little William looked like he'd been attacked! There was dried blood all over his face. In fact, I think it was less the pain that had him crying and more the blood that was running in his eye. He stopped crying when the band-aid went on.

He now sports three stitches that will come out in 5 days. Taylor and I took our brave, sleepy baby home and put him down for a nap. I am happy to say that when William woke up, he was fine. He didn't even seem to notice the injury.

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