Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life is so much fun!

I cherish every stage of William's life, but this one is fun, fun, fun! My little boy is into everything. He's crawling, cruising, and taking steps towards Independence. Everything is an adventure. Everything is exciting. Yesterday, he walked, all by himself, across the kitchen. I think he surprised himself so much that he hasn't been able to repeat the trek, but he has taken three or four steps on his own.

Today he decided to chase Sampson around the house. This always cracks me up because Sampson does like William but he does not like William to pet him because William pulls his fur. (William did this to poor, sleeping Sampson a couple of times and Sampson is still traumatized from the ordeal.) So Sampson usually just zips in, gives William a lick and once over for food and zips out of arm's length before William can pet him.

Anyway, William decided to chase Sampson around the house and took off on foot to get him. He toddled around by holding on to chairs, walls and the piano-basically anything he could find. But occasionally the distance between supports was too big. So William stretched out as far as he could, keeping on hand on the current support and then inched slowly away. He took a couple of steps then fell on his bottom. Undeterred he crawled to the next support and kept up the chase! He's very stubborn!

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