Friday, October 30, 2009

Sitting, Jumping, Walking

William is becoming so mobile. He loves jumping in the jumperoo. (Which I have a video of but can't find on the website. I'll ask Taylor where he put it tonight.) And he loves walking in the walker even though he can't go far or fast yet. His new favorite thing is flying-he's Super William! Ready to smite the enemy with toxic drool! He also loves standing on my lap and jumping up and down. He's just beginning to use my shirt to pull himself up but I think we have a way to go. He's great at standing when he's holding my hands but doesn't quite understand how to hold himself up by holding on to the table. (Which is fine! I kind of like having him stay where I put him right now!)

Most exciting though is watching him learn how to sit up on his own. He started putting away from me when sitting on my lap at about 7 weeks. Then he started sitting up on his own on my lap at about 9 weeks. Then he started sitting up supported on the floor and then he started doing this:

And a couple of weekends ago he started sitting well on this own for a couple of minutes. Yesterday he did it long enough for me to watch him, decide to grab a camera, take this picture:

and then when I was about to take a second one he fell over. Of course I was ready to catch him falling sideways because that is the way he was listing. He fell backwards like a tree! Since this is his first "injury" I immediately called the Doctor's office and left a message. Then I called Taylor who said he was fine. Unconvinced, I called my Mom. Please keep in mind by this point William had stopped crying and was actually giggling as he tried to climb all over me. My Mom laughed. Thanks Mom. Apparently I fell off a bench when Mom was taking a picture of me so falling over when sitting on the floor wasn't a big deal. Which is actually exactly what the very patient nurse practitioner told me when she called me back! So William is fine.

We are getting ready to take him to his first Islanders/Capitals game tonight and we are hosting a Halloween party for many parents and babies tomorrow! William is going to be a dinosaur! Here are some more adorable pictures of my baby!

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