Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Discoveries Every Day

I love watching William discover that he can do new things every day! For about a month now we've been putting him in his jumperoo and walker because he loves to stand up. For the most part he didn't move them around at all, he just played with the toys and wanted out after a maximum of 10 minutes. But yesterday he made the walker move on purpose. His face lit up when he made the connection that pushing with his feet would move him forward. It's clearly pretty tiring to do, but I think his horizons are expanding as he realizes he can be mobile. It's also pretty funny to watch because each step requires effort so he lifts his arms in the air, gives a big grunt and pushes himself forward! Yesterday (with some help around the corners) he made it from the living room into the kitchen. And then he wanted a snack and a nap but he was clearly very proud of himself!

He still loves spitting. In fact he's spitting as I write this. He's also developing really good hand eye coordination. He still loves his Wubbys but with teething beginning he's been fond of the NUKs too (I think because they are firmer to chew on). Today he was in his swing and he reached up, grabbed the handle of the Nook with him thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. Then he put it back in! Then he pulled it out again and chucked it to the floor.

He also learned how to jump up and down in the jumperoo. So much fun!

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