Sunday, October 30, 2011

Been A While...

Life got a way from me and it's been over 6 months since I've updated the blog! I couldn't possibly write about everything that has happened but I can give highlights.

In June, William turned 2! He's such an active, fun, enthusiastic, independent little boy. Two years old is a totally new game for us. Our sweet and empathetic little guy still has those qualities but his stubborn streak is becoming more and more evident. He's definitely pushing those parental boundaries and having the occasional toddler tantrum. Sometimes just before he does something he knows he's not supposed to he turns to me with a devilish smile on this face, a smile that says, "Mommy, hehehehe, you are going to hate this!" Then he giggles like crazy. I wouldn't change anything though. He's so much fun and he's so adorable.

When he's not getting in trouble, William is still very sweet and empathetic. One afternoon he went for pizza with Taylor. As they were walking to the restaurant a woman in front of them tripped on the sidewalk and fell. William was the first person to her, asking if she was "Otay?" When she got up, William opened the door to the restaurant for her.

In September William started school. It's three mornings a week. There's one permanent teacher and two parents stay each session. The first week William loved it! The second and third week he got upset when I left (though I was assured it was short lived and soon after I left he calmed down.) I think he was swayed by the power of suggestion because I caught him watching his schoolmates start crying and he looked confused like it never occurred to him to be upset until that moment! Luckily that was short lived and he's been happy ever since! William has made great new friends at school including Grant and Tyler who are always happy to join him in each adventure. The other day us Moms took the three boys to the park. Under one of the swings was a large muddy puddle. For about half an hour the boys dutifully ignored the puddle. After that we caught them standing on the edge of the puddle. Simultaneously they looked back at us, grinned and jumped in. We just laughed and let them play. But by the time we left we had some very dirty little boys! William is also thrilled that his friend Lucy is in his class this year. He always has something he wants to show or share with her!

We've sort of started potty training. I think that William would catch on to this right away if I didn't keep sabotaging his efforts but he's really good about using the toilet when we offer it to him. We'll go pants-less for a week after finals to finish the process.

Everyday William learns something new which makes me laugh. He sings the alphabet, counts to 20 (with a little help on 11 and 12), will learn a new song the first time he hears it, can climb anything, runs super fast, has amazing hand-eye coordination and says things that just crack me up. His newest phrase is, "Come on, Mommy." As in, "No William, you can't have M and Ms right now." and "Please, Mommy! Oh, Come on Mommy." He also can't seem to understand that when we say no, we mean it. Yesterday I told him no more cupcakes at the Halloween party and he said to me, "But I want one!" But I want... quickly became his new favorite thing to say. I'm not sure how I feel about that one.

This fall I am touring schools for William and I really think it's more time consuming than choosing a college was! There are some amazing programs and we'll see which one we ultimately send him to.

There are updated photos under the photo album (which we update more often than the blog!)

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