Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creeping, Crawling, Talking, Life Update

William is so close to crawling AND walking. When we put him on his hands and knees he rocks back and forth as if he knows that he's supposed to be moving but can't quite figure out how. His favorite thing to do these days is stand up, hold onto his toy basket and walk around it while pulling out toys. He'll also walk from the basket, to the sofa and to his entertainment table. Yesterday, he got excited and let go of the basket. Instead of falling, he actually stood all on his own for about 4 seconds! I don't know which one of us was more surprised!
I was getting concerned that he wasn't making any attempt to pull himself up, but then he did it twice. First, in the bath with Taylor, he pulled himself from a sitting to standing position. Then this afternoon with me, he used his table to pull himself to a standing position. He also pushed himself from his hands and knees into a sitting position. Now if he could only push himself up to his hands and knees!
He's babbling up a storm lately! Mamamamamma, bababab, aba aba aba, etc. He's pretty much never silent or still. I was telling Taylor last night that as much as I love this phase of William's life, I miss the days when he would just curl up in my arms and sleep. He's too full of life and excited to see everything to take many breaks now. Though he hasn't been feeling well this week so we've gotten a few snuggles in...

In other family news, we have about 20 inches of snow here in DC! Taylor got off of work early on Friday and has tomorrow off as well. Unfortunately it looks like I have school tomorrow, but at least we'll enjoy the day together in the morning. Because William hasn't been feeling well, we haven't taken him outside yet but I think tomorrow we'll bundle him up and go make a snowman in the front yard. Or go sledding. Sampson and Delilah are doing well too. They don't love the snow because it's over their head but they do love having everyone home!

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