Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today William officially rolled over all on his own. He's been doing a half roll from back to side for quite a while. He has also been doing the squirm and roll off my lap when we are sitting on the floor. When he was younger he also did a couple accidental rolls, but today, William was on his stomach, pushed himself onto one arm and rolled onto his back. It was a deliberate roll! I would have loved to catch this on camera but I was too afraid of startling him to move. Also, our hard drive died so we won't be able to upload pictures for quite a while.

Besides the monumental roll, William and I have just been hanging out laughing at each other this week. He is such a goof. Tomorrow we go to my friend Maggie's house for a play group with about 6 other babies-all friends William has been seeing since he was born. We can't wait.

I'll post pictures again when we (and by we I mean Taylor) figure out this hard drive problem!

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